Gerhard Gerhard

Gerhard Schildberg-Schroth

Senior University Lecturer em. Phil. Doctor, Academic & Pedagogic Staatsexamen

1974 …2015

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Research interests and work areas focus on the field of the German language, its literature, and history, in particular in transion from the 19th to the 20th Century. The theoretic-methodical base takes its pattern from as well structural narratology and from as well constructivistically orientated concepts in poetics, aesthetics, and semiotics (cf. Köngäs Maranda & Maranda, Ihwe, Lotman, S. J. Schmidt, Goodman, Eco). If there is a common line in my work, whether in teaching or in research, which are understood as a unit, irrespective to the level (cf. Humboldt/ Bruner), it would be the epistemological principle that it is theory which defines what we call "facts" (cf. Popper). And because moreover all theory is "Menschenwerk", referring to certain kinds of "Denkstile" (Feyerabend), my work could, at its best, deliver some kind of building-stones for to understand how humankind has created, and can create our world (cf. Goodman). In brief and summarized with regard to the aspect of scientific validity my work rests on the assumption of “kleinste Größe” (cf. Schildberg-Schroth 1995, 2005)

Projects and cooperation: The topics of my research intrests (s. a.) are pursued in some of my projects; these are refering to the series Dichtung-Wahrheit-Sprache (LIT Verlag) and Tyska studier (Åbo Akademi), peered in cooperation with Heinz Günter Schmitz and Jörg W. Joost (Τ) as co-editors in chief (D: Kiel University), including the editiors involved in the publishing of the single volumes, Tom Björkfors (FI: Åbo Akademi), Rudolf de Cillia (A: Wien University), Ángel Huguet (E: Lleida University), Pauli Kaikkonen (FI: Jyväskyla University), Viljas Kohonen (FI: Tampere University), Annikki Koskensalo (FI: Turku University), Minna Maijala (FI: Turku University), Klaus-D. Wannig (TR: Mersin University), and John Smeds (FI: Turku University).

Education: primary school: Volksschule Mölln/Lauenburg; gymnasium: Lauenburgische Gelehrtenschule Ratzeburg (Abitur); military service: Bundesmarine (Naval officer training); university: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Academic Staatsexamen: German philology, History, Philosophy, Pedagogy; Postgraduate studies); Landesinstitut Schleswig-Holstein für Praxis und Theorie der Schule, IPTS Studienseminar Lübeck (Pedagogical Staatsexamen for higher education); Åbo Akademi University (Postgraduate studies, PhD)

Employments and appointments in school: Lauenburgische Gelehrtenschule Ratzeburg: Praktikant (1972); Carl-Jacob-Burckhardt-Gymnasium Lübeck: Studienrefrendar (1975-1976); Gymnasium Marne: Studienrat for German language and literature, History, Philosophy (1977-1980)

Employments and appointments in university: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germanistisches Seminar: Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft Lehrstuhl Professor Dr. Friedhelm Debus (1971-1975), Institut für Literaturwissenschaft: Lehrbeauftragter, Studienrat im Hochschuldienst i. V. (1979-1980); Åbo Akademi University, Germansk filologi: Lecturer (DAAD-Lektor (1980-1995)), Research Director (Forskningsledare (1996-1997)), Senior Lecturer (Akademilektor/ Vanhempi yliopistonlehtori (1998-2015)); University of Tromsø - Norges arktiske universitet,Tysk litteraturvetenskap: vocation EFRC R3 Associate Professor (Försteamanuensis) (1997)

contact: [email protected]