Popular Music Divine Services Survey 2013-2014



The study charted the motives and experiences of people attending musical events of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The study was conducted in cooperation with the Church Research Institute and funded by the Academy of Finland.

The respondents were first asked which event they attended, what their reasons for attending were, how many times they had attended before and where they had heard about the event. Regarding worship services and the role of music, the survey charted the frequency of attending worship services and other events organised by the Church, the importance of music in religious activities and in the respondent's spiritual life, preferred and undesirable music genres in religious events, and opinions on the Church's use of music at worship services. Finally, the respondents were asked how often they participated in the events organised by revivalist and free church movements, what their view of the Bible was, what their religious identity was like, and to what extent they believed in basic Christian tenets.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age (categorised), region of residence, and religious denomination.
Date made available1 Jan 2018
PublisherFinnish Social Science Data Archive
Date of data production1 Jan 2013 - 30 Jun 2014
Geographical coverageFinland

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