Podcast: Vac­cine Hes­it­ancy, Health and Hu­man Rights



Abstract: The development and distribution of several effective vaccinations for Covid-19 means managing and living with the virus might finally be a tangible possibility. But the politics of ‘vaccine nationalism’ means distribution of the vaccine around the world has been highly uneven, while in Europe and other countries where they are widely available, there are many who worry about the safety, efficacy and accessibility of vaccinations. In this episode, we talk to Professor Pamela Slotte about her research on vaccine hesitancy and personal convictions, and connect the discussion to broader themes of public health, trust, and human rights in Europe.

Period18 Aug 2021

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitlePodcast: Vac­cine Hes­it­ancy, Health and Hu­man Rights
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    PersonsPamela Slotte Russo