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Characterization of vinasse ash and ash-forming elements (2018)
Meheretu J. Dirbeba, Anders Brink, Maria Zevenhoven, Nikolai DeMartini, Daniel Lindberg, Leena Hupa, Mikko Hupa
University of Alberta
O2 Other
Circumscribing the Body Politic: Circumcision, Religious Freedom and Identity in Europe (2018)
Méadhbh McIvor, Richard Amesbury, Helge Årsheim, Amélie Barras, Dia Dabby, Brian Earp, Vebjørn L. Horsfjord, Karin Berber Neutel, Josephine Nielsen, Atalia Omer, Nikia S. Robert, Pamela Slotte, Muhammad Velji, Isaac Weiner
Religion Factor
O2 Other
Citycult (2018)
Jason Finch
O2 Other
Comparing symptom networks of women with reduced, increased, and stable sexual desire (2018)
Gunst A, Werner M, Waldorp L, Laan ETM, Källstrom M, Jern P
The Journal of Sexual Medicine
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O2 Other
Framing Corporate Brand Dynamics :a Network Approach (2018)
Nikolina Koporcic, Anu Norrgrann, Anne Rindell, Saila Saraniemi, Tore Strandvik, Jan-Åke Törnroos
O2 Other
Front cover - Cancer Therapy: Light‐Activatable Assembled Nanoparticles to Improve Tumor Penetration and Eradicate Metastasis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (2018)
Ji J, Ma F, Zhang H, Liu F, He J, Li W, Xie T, Zhong D, Zhang T, Tian M
Advanced Functional Materials
O2 Other
Hans Rosing 1944-2018 (2018)
Yrsa Neuman, Lars Hertzberg
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