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A4 Conference proceedings
Exit times for some autoregressive processes with non-Gaussian noise distributions (2016)
Brita Jung, Göran Högnäs
Contemporary Mathematics
American Mathematical Society
A4 Conference proceedings
Expanding horizons of mesoporous materials to non-siliceous systems (2003)
Ferdi Schüth, Teresa Czuryskiewicz, Freddy Kleitz, Mika Linden, Anhui Lu, Jessica Rosenholm, Wolfgang Schmidt, Akira Taguchi
A4 Conference proceedings
Expanding Window Fountain Coded Scalable Video in Broadcasting (2010)
Kristian Nybom, Stefan Grönroos, Jerker Björkqvist
IEEE international conference on multimedia and expo
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A4 Conference proceedings
Experiencing Prison? Immigration Detention and Limits of Disciplinary Power (2011)
Magdalena Kmak
Inter-disciplinary press
A4 Conference proceedings
Experimental and modeling approaches to simulate temperature-gradient induced intradeposit chemical processes with implications for biomass boiler corrosion (2018)
Daniel Lindberg, Jonne Niemi, Markus Engblom, Tor Laurén, Patrik Yrjas, Mikko Hupa
The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE)
A4 Conference proceedings
Experimental investigations into combustion behaviour of biomasses at single particle scale and in a 300 kW circulating fluidized bed with special focus on NO formation (2015)
Daniel Bernhardt, Dorith Böhning, Michael Beckmann, Oskar Karlström, Anders Brink
Åbo Akademi
A4 Conference proceedings
Experimentation and modeling of an active skylight (2015)
Martin Fält, Ron Zevenhoven
Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour
A4 Conference proceedings
Experiment designs for control-oriented MIMO identification (2015)
Kurt-Erik Häggblom, Ramkrishna Ghosh
Suomen Automaatioseura ry / Finnish Society of Automation
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