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A4 Conference proceedings
Ubi es et quo vadis FMSERA? (2014)
Harry Silfverberg, Ann-Sofi Röj-Lindberg
Faculty of Education, Åbo Akademi University
A4 Conference proceedings
UML based Modeling of Web Service Composition - A Survey (2008)
Rauf I, Iqbal MZ, Malik ZI
A4 Conference proceedings
UML-driven TTA-based protocol processor design (2002)
Lilius J, Truscan D
A4 Conference proceedings
Uncertainty and Complexity of Projects: New Archetypes (2009)
R Windischhofer, O Perminova, M Gustafsson
A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding business networking processes through a time perspective (2015)
Christopher John Medlin, Jan-Åke Törnroos
Australian-New Zealand Marketing Conference
A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding low temperature corrosion in Kraft Recovery Boilers – Implications for Increased Energy Recovery (2016)
Nikolai Demartini, Emil Vainio, Henri Holmblad, Mikko Hupa
Curran Associates Inc.
A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding low-temperature corrosion in recovery boilers – Measurements at four mills (2017)
Emil Vainio, Nikolai DeMartini, Tor Laurén, Nazanin Orang, Honghi Tran, Mikko Hupa
Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada
A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding Movement and Interaction: An Ontology for Kinect-Based 3D Depth Sensors (2013)
Natalia Díaz Rodríguez, Robin Wikström, Johan Lilius, Manuel Pegalajar Cuéllar, Miguel Delgado Calvo-Flores
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A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding Online Channel Expansion in an SME Context: A Business Model Perspective (2015)
John Jeansson, Shahrokh Nikou, Rune Gustavsson, Siw Lundqvist, Leif Marcusson, Anna Sell, Pirkko Walden
Bled eConference
A4 Conference proceedings
Understanding the Formation of NOx in Pulp Mill Boilers (2014)
Markus Engblom, Emil Vainio, Anders Brink, Mikko Hupa, Erkki Välimäki, Ville-Pekka Heikkilä
Suomen Soodakattilayhdistys / Finnish Recovery Boiler Committee
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