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A1 Journal article (refereed)
A probabilistic proof of Euler's formula for ζ(2n) (2019)
Bao Quoc Ta, Chung Pham Van
G5 Doctoral dissertation (article)
Aqueous-phase reforming of renewable polyols for sustainable hydrogen production (2019)
Lidia I.Godina
G2 Master’s thesis, polytechnic Master’s thesis
Aqueous phase reforming of renewables for hydrogen production in presence of supported platinum and palladium catalysts (2019)
Matias Ignacio Alvear Cabezón
A1 Journal article (refereed)
A review and comparison of solvers for convex MINLP (2019)
Jan Kronqvist, David E. Bernal, Andreas Lundell, Ignacio E. Grossmann
Optimization and Engineering
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B1 Non-refereed journal articles
A review essay: Musician-teacher collaborations: altering the chord (2019)
Cecilia Björk
International Journal of Education and the Arts
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A3 Book section, Chapters in research books
Art as Dialogue: Exploring Sonically Aware Spaces for Interreligious Encounters (2019)
Ruth Illman
D4 Published development or research report or study
Arvot ja ekosysteemit turkulaisissa organisaatioissa (2019)
Johnny Långstedt, Julius Manninen
Kaupunkitutkimusohjelma. TUTKIMUSKATSAUKSIA
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