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D2 Article in a professional book
Autonomi som livsåskådningsmässig kategori (2001)
Mikael Lindfelt
A1 Journal article (refereed)
A causal semantics for time Petri nets (2000)
Tuomas Aura, Johan Lilius
Theoretical Computer Science
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity in timing of metamorphosis in the common frog Rana temporaria (2000)
Merila J, Laurila A, Pahkala M, Rasanen K, Laugen AT
A4 Conference proceedings
An Expandable Protocol Processor Architecture (2000)
Seppo Virtanen, Johan Lilius
D4 Published development or research report or study
An expenditure-based estimation of self-employment income underreporting in Finland (2000)
Edvard Johansson
A4 Conference proceedings
A Processor Architecture for the TACO Protocol Processor Development Framework (2000)
Seppo Virtanen, Johan Lilius, Tomi Westerlund
E1 Popularised article, newspaper article
Att gå vilse och hitta sig själv. Recension av Pija Lindenbaums Gittan och gråvargarna (2000)
Maria Lassén-Seger
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