57Fe Mössbauer study of a secondary phase in FeSe1-x with a large quadrupole splitting

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List of Authors: A. Sklyarova, J. Lindén, G. C. Tewari, E.-L. Rautama, M. Karppinen
Publisher: Springer
Place: Germany?
Publication year: 2014
Journal: Hyperfine Interactions
Journal acronym: Hypint
Volume number: 226
Start page: 341
End page: 349
eISSN: 1572-9540


We have studied the hyperfine interactions in samples belonging to the Fe-Se
system. Several samples with various concentrations of selenium were synthesized and investigated. The objective was to find synthesis conditions increasing the concentration of a secondary Fe-Se phase with a rather large quadrupole splitting of∼1.7 mm/s. At Tm ≈104 K this secondary phase undergoes a magnetic ordering.




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