The benefits and challenges of enterprise education: results from an action research project in the third grade in Finnish basic education

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List of Authors: Janne Elo
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Educational Action Research
eISSN: 1747-5074


This article is the result of an action research project conducted in 2014
in a primary school in the city of Vaasa in Finland. The project focused
on developing the practice of integrating enterprise education as a
part of everyday teaching in Grade Three. The project involved three
class teachers, the headmaster and a university researcher. This article
focuses on the teachers’ perceptions of the benefits and the challenges
of the project. The teachers viewed the project as beneficial to their
own professional development as well as to the students’ learning.
The process, however, also revealed several challenges associated with
applying enterprise education in Grade Three, such as time or different
personalities. Based on the experiences from this particular project,
the article broadens the understanding of how enterprise education
can be realised in Grade Three, as well as its benefits and challenges.

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