Micronization effect on hydrolysis lignin extractive substances (Влияние
микронизации на состав экстрактивных веществ гидролизного лигнина)

A1 Journal article (refereed)

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List of Authors: Ipatova E.V., Krutov S.M., Sumerskii I.V., Pranovich A.V.
Publisher: SPb.: SPbGLTU
Place: St. Petersburg
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Izvestia Sankt-Peterburgskoj Lesotehniceskoj Akademii
Issue number: 210
Start page: 190
End page: 200


The decrease of residual polysaccharides content was shown in lignin samples after micronization. It was found that the dominating components in hydrolysis lignin samples were resin acids, with dehydroabietic acid prevalence, fatty acids С16–С24 and sterol components presented campesterol, sitosterol and sitostanol.


hydrolysis lignin extractive substances, micronized hydrolysis lignin

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