On synthesis and characterization of sulfated alumina-zirconia catalysts for isobutene alkylation

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List of Authors: E. A. Vlasov, S. V. Myakin, M. M. Sychov, A. Aho, A. Yu. Postnov, N. V. Mal’tseva, A. O. Dolgashev, Sh. O. Omarov, D. Yu. Murzin
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Catalysis Letters
Volume number: 145
Issue number: 9
Start page: 1651
End page: 1659
eISSN: 1572-879X


The porous structure and surface acid–base properties of sulfated zirconia, alumina and alumina–zirconia applied in isobutylene alkylation were characterized using a variety of physico-chemical methods. Catalytic activity was related to catalyst physico-chemical properties.

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