Transnational Connections and Anti-Imperial Intentions of the League against Imperialism and for National Independence (1927 – 1937)

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Publikationens författare: Fredrik Petersson
Redaktörer: Bernhard Bayerlein
Förlagsort: Berlin, Germany
Publiceringsår: 2015
Moderpublikationens namn: Global Spaces and Radical Solidarity: Internationaler Willi Münzenberg Kongress


The aim of this conference paper was to shed some light on the transnational connections of the sympathizing organization the League Against Imperialism and for National Independence (LAI) and its anti-imperial intentions, trying to act and function as a vocal petitioner against colonialism and imperialism in the interwar years. Other issues addressed were the LAI's public campaigns, and the continuation of anti-colonialism/imperialism as a social and political movement after the Second World War.


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