To aspekter af helhed og to typer langdigte: En afprøvning af Jakobsons poesiformalisering på Høecks Ulrike Marie Meinhof og Rimbereids Solaris korrigert

A1 Journal article (refereed)

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List of Authors: Claus K. Madsen
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Edda
Volume number: 4
Start page: 296
End page: 310
eISSN: 1500-1989


Starting from Roman Jakobson’s distinction between poetry’s principle similarity versus prose forwarded by contiguity, I analyse two Long Poems: Klaus Høeck’s Ulrike Marie Meinhof and Øyvind Rim- bereid’s Solaris korrigert. Their sheer length prolongs the line of similarity in aspects of semantics and position which, in turn, brings out the poems’ different interaction of content and form: The positional aspect motivates semantic framing in Ulrike Marie Meinhof versus semantic framing, which motivates positional aspects in Solaris korrigert. The consequences of these prolonged lines of similarity are most aptly described as two types – one inclusive, the other unifying – pointing at semiospheric and rhizomatic aspects of wholeness: the strict principles of content-forming unify an underlying chaotic, rhi- zomatic flow in Ulrike Marie Meinhof, whereas the diverse, significant form includes different material from the unit of semiospheric systems in the long poem Solaris korrigert.


Long Poem, Poetry, Rhizome, Roman Jakobson, Semiosphere

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