Budkavlen 2015: Tidskrift för etnologi och folkloristik

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Publikationens författare: Anna-Maria Åström, Camilla Asplund
Förlagsort: Åbo
Publiceringsår: 2015
Förläggare: Institutet för folklivsforskning vid Åbo Akademi
Seriens namn: Budkavlen - Tidskrift för etnologi och folkloristik
Volym: 94
ISSN: 0302-2447


The theme of the volume was age and generations. With this theme this years´s Budkavlen points towardst he course of human life and various phenomena associated with different generaions and different ages.None of the articles deal with the theme itsef, but rather by selecting a an age group or generation the authors seek to elicit just what is very special to their research objects. Thus we find articles of how to condut fieldwork with school childre, how young men feel about their own jeans, how older women look upon their lives as housewifes or working women and how women at a certain age must come to terms with this age, often in very specific ways.


Age, Aged, Cultural heritage, dress, generations, generation time, middle-aged women, Youth research

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