New perspectives in the studies of resonance scattering

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List of Authors: Goldberg VZ, Trzaska WH, Rogachev GV, Kolata JJ, Andreyev A, Angulo C, Borge MJG, Cherubini S, Chubarian G, Crowley G, Fomichev AS, Gorska M, Gulino M, Golovkov MS, Huyse M, Kallman KM, Lattuada M, Lonnroth T, Mutterer M, Raabe R, Rodin AM, Romano S, Rozhkov MV, Skorodumov BB, Spitaleri C, Tengblad O, Ter-Akopian GM, Tumino A, Van Duppen P, Wolski R
Publication year: 2003
Journal: Acta Physica Hungarica A) Heavy Ion Physics
Journal acronym: ACTA PHYS HUNG NS-H
Volume number: 18
Start page: 215
End page: 222
Number of pages: 8
ISSN: 1219-7580
eISSN: 1587-1037


We consider various possibilities for studies of nuclear structure in resonance reactions induced by radioactive beam. We discuss investigations on both sides of nuclear stability as well as studies of the a-cluster structure of light nuclei applying the reverse geometry thick target method.


cluster structure, drip line nuclei, radioactive beams, resonance elastic scattering

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