Formal reasoning about resilient goal-oriented multi-agent systems

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Publikationens författare: L. Laibinis, I. Pereverzeva, E. Troubitsyna
Förläggare: Elsevier
Publiceringsår: 2017
Tidskrift: Science of Computer Programming
Volym: 148
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eISSN: 1872-7964


In this paper we present our formalisation of a resilient goal-oriented
multi-agent system and its essential properties. The formalisation
covers the notions of system goals and agents, various formal structures
(functions and relations) defining different interrelationships between
these notions, as well as constraints on the system dynamics allowing a
multi-agent system to become more reconfigurable and thus resilient in
order to achieve the system goals. The formalisation results in
establishing connections between goals at different levels of
abstraction, system architecture and agent responsibilities. The
proposed formal systematisation of the involved concepts can be seen as
generic guidelines for formal development of reconfigurable systems.
Moreover, we demonstrate how such guidelines can be interpreted within
the Event-B framework.


Event-B, Formal reasoning, Goal-oriented development, multi-agent systems, System resilience

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