Literary Second Cities

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List of Authors: Jason Finch, Lieven Ameel, Markku Salmela
Publication year: 2017
ISBN: 9783319627182
eISBN: 978-3-319-62719-9


This book brings together geographers and literary scholars in a series
of engagements near the boundaries of their disciplines. In urban
studies, disproportionate attention has been given to a small set of
privileged ‘first’ cities. This volume problematizes the dominance of
such alpha cities, offering a wide perspective on ‘second cities’ and
their literature. The volume is divided into three themed sections. ‘In
the Shadow of the Alpha City’ problematizes the image of cities defined
by their function and size, bringing out the contradictions and
contestations inherent in cultural productions of second cities,
including Birmingham and Bristol in the UK, Las Vegas in the USA, and
Tartu in Estonia. ‘Frontier Second Cities’ pays attention to the
multiple and trans-national pasts of second cities which occupy border
zones, with a focus on Narva, in Estonia, and Turkish/Kurdish
Diyarbakir. The final section, ‘The Diffuse Second City’, examines
networks the diffuse secondary city made up of interlinked small cities,
suburban sprawl and urban overspill, with literary case studies from
Italy, Sweden, and Finland.

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