Studying Emotional Wellness with Wearables for young Elderly - an Insight

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Publikationens författare: Muhammad Usman Warraich, Irum Rauf
Förlagsort: Genoa, Italy
Publiceringsår: 2017
Tidskrift: Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems
Förläggare: Association for Information Systems
Moderpublikationens namn: Proceedings of the 11th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems MCIS 2017
Antal sidor: 13


Emotional wellness provides individuals with a positive outlook towards life and helps them in coping with

untoward incidents of life. The problems associated with emotional wellness become more evident with old

age. Statistics show that the aging population is increasing fast which means an increase in the strain on

social services. Emotional wellness, in spite of its importance, has received the little attention of academia

and industry. With the advent of novel technologies like wearables, provision of emotional wellness can be

revolutionized. In this paper, we address the need for prevention driven strategies to provide emotional

wellness for young elderly (60-75 years). We conduct a thorough literature review and realize that the

literature does not adequately address the emotional wellness of aging population. We also conduct

Perceived Wellness Survey that shows a strong impact of emotional wellness on other wellness dimensions

and overall wellness of individuals. Based on our literature review and survey results, we provide design

recommendations to develop wearables that can help young elderly to manage their self and stressful

situations better.

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