Quality of Kindergarten Teacher Training in regard to Science: a Joint Nordic Approach

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List of Authors: Merete Økland Sortland, Tarja Irene Tikkanen, Marianne Presthus Heggen, Kari Holter, Guri Langholm, Stig Broström, Karen Bollingberg, Birgitte Damgaard, Thorleif Frøkjær, Laila Gustavsson, Sigve Ladstein, Kari Grutle Nappen, Kristín Norðdahl, Heidi Harju-Luukkainen, Eva Staffans, Susanne Thulin
Publisher: Nasjonalt senter for naturfag i opplæringen
Publication year: 2017
Journal: NorDiNa
Volume number: 13
Issue number: 1
Start page: 97
End page: 111
eISSN: 1894-1257


This article
presents a new joint Nordic study module consisting of a theoretical framework,
the kindergarten teacher students’ case study and a reflection talk, in natural
science for the kinder-garten teacher education. The module is developed
through an interdisciplinary collaboration in the Nordplus network: Learning of
science concepts by kindergarten children: Nordic study module for the
kindergarten teacher education (NATGREP), with science and quality in the
kindergarten teacher education in focus. The introduction describes the Nordic
kindergartens shortly, and concepts as qua­lity and competence are shortly
discussed. It is followed by the module’s theoretical framework. Then the study
module’s development process is described accompanied by reflections of the
student’s case studies in relation to the theoretical framework. At the end,
the work with the study module is sum­marised, and the main conclusion is that
the study module contributes positively to the students’ skills development,
both in science and quality.

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