Doping-induced carrier profiles in organic semiconductors determined from capacitive extraction-current transients

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List of Authors: Nyman M, Sandberg OJ, Dahlstrom S, Spoltore D, Korner C, Zhang YD, Barlow S, Marder SR, Leo K, Vandewal K, Osterbacka R
Publication year: 2017
Journal: Scientific Reports
Journal acronym: SCI REP-UK
Volume number: 7
Number of pages: 9
ISSN: 2045-2322
eISSN: 2045-2322


A method to determine the doping induced charge carrier profiles in lightly and moderately doped organic semiconductor thin films is presented. The theory of the method of Charge Extraction by a Linearly Increasing Voltage technique in the doping-induced capacitive regime (doping-CELIV) is extended to the case with non-uniform doping profiles and the analytical description is verified with drift-diffusion simulations. The method is demonstrated experimentally on evaporated organic smallmolecule thin films with a controlled doping profile, and solution-processed thin films where the nonuniform doping profile is unintentional, probably induced during the deposition process, and a priori unknown. Furthermore, the method offers a possibility of directly probing charge-density distributions at interfaces between highly doped and lightly doped or undoped layers.


doping, Extraction current transients, Organic solar cells, profiles

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