Bo Giertz om prästämbetet: Uppdragets teologi

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Publikationens författare: Anssi Ollilainen
Förläggare: Åbo Akademi University Press
Förlagsort: Åbo, Finland
Publiceringsår: 2017
Antal sidor: 306
ISBN: 978-951-765-868-3


In my doctoral thesis I investigate Bishop Bo
Giertz’ theology of the ministry, i.e. the pastoral office. First I analyse
Giertz’ anthropology, his view on the Bible and his ecclesiology. In the first
three chapters, two main aspects are the development, and the genetic issues in
Giertz’ thinking. In addition to the development and the genetic issues in
Giertz’ interpretation of the pastoral office, I contrast it with Lutheran and
Ecumenical thinking about the pastoral

The pastoral office as
Christ’s commission is the primary thought in Giertz’ theology on the pastoral
office. Thus, the pastor is Christ’s mandated ambassador. The pastoral office
is instituted by Christ and is essential for the church because it is a part of
salvation history and through it Christ continues his work to spread the
gospel. Regarding the origin
of the ministry Giertz interpretation follow a line in Lutheran theology of the
ministry called evangelic-catholic understanding, i.e., the entirety of the
ministry is instituted by Christ, not merely some functions. Furthermore,
Giertz’ books starting with Kristi kyrka
and also his later literal production are mostly in line with a consensus in
the ecumenical work about the ministry. Lausanne 1927 and Edinburgh 1937 stated
that Christ instituted the ministry, and that the ministry’s authority is
Christ’s authority. Even the discussion in Faith and Order – from Amsterdam
1948 via Montreal 1963 and Louvain 1971 to Lima 1982 - have points in common
with Giertz. Giertz and the ecumenical meetings in Montreal 1963, Louvain 1971
and Lima 1982, i.e. the document Baptism,
Eucharist and Ministry
have this in common: on one hand they emphasize the
continuity from the apostles to their followers, and on the other hand they
relate the ministry to Christ’s calling and sending the apostles.

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