Rewriting Israel’s History in the Apocalyptic Context: Animal Apocalypse in First Enoch

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List of Authors: Antti Laato
Publisher: Svenska Exegetiska Sällskapet
Place: Uppsala
Publication year: 2017
Journal: Svensk exegetisk årsbok
Journal acronym: SEÅ
Volume number: 82
Start page: 28
End page: 51
eISSN: 2001-9424


The aim of this article is to deal with the apocalyptic theology of the unknown writer who rewrote the biblical history of Israel in the Animal Apocalypse (1 Enoch 85-90). The thesis is that this rewriting process received much inspiration from the texts of the Book of Isaiah. Both the Animal Apocalypse and the Book of Isaiah focused on the future glory of Jerusalem. A good example of this Jerusalem oriented reading of the Book of Isaiah can be seen from the Book of Sirach 48:18-25. The writer of the Animal Apocalypse seemed to argue that the Book of Isaiah contains secret message pertaining to the future of Jerusalem which would be realized in the future, and which had now been opened for the faithful ones who eyes have been opened and who have a message for other members of the people of the Lord.

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