Implementation of SWOT analysis to evaluate conservation necessity and utilization of natural wealth: terrestrial orchids as a case study

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Publikationens författare: Jovana Dulić, Mirjana Ljubojević, Dragiša Savić, Vladislav Ognjanov, Tamara Dulić, Goran Barać, Maja Milović
Publiceringsår: 2020
Tidskrift: Journal of Environmental Planning and Management


Market interest in terrestrial orchids has risen significantly in the last decade. Their therapeutic potential and growing consumption has brought some species close to extinction. This study aimed to evaluate positive and negative, internal and external aspects of biodiversity and utilization of terrestrial orchids of the Fruška gora mountain (Serbia) using SWOT analysis, and thus determine their conservation necessity and market potential. The study included data obtained through field survey analyses, in vitro germination experiments, and species conservation priority and marketability ranking. Observed positive and negative influences serve as the major driving force for the introduction of terrestrial orchids into breeding programs. The species to be conserved were determined via conservation priority ranking. SWOT analysis is proposed as a transparent, practical, and compelling tool to evaluate conservation necessity, market, and utilization potential of terrestrial orchids and provides the basis for actions to be carried out by conservationists, authorities, and policymakers.

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