Making Sense of Culture in Management: Qualitative Sensemaking Approach in Explaining Cross-Cultural Business Networking

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List of Authors: Lasse Torkkeli, Maria Ivanova-Gongne
Publication year: 2020
Publisher: Sage publications
Book title: SAGE Research Methods Cases
eISBN: 9781529724608


Business today is increasingly global,
requiring entrepreneurs and managers aiming to internationalize their
enterprises to develop and foster business network relationships.
Therefore, business researchers have often focused on the role that
networks have in business relationships in general, and those occurring
in international business and entrepreneurship in particular. However,
the cultural background of managers may affect the ways in which they
make sense of business networking, an area the research has paid less
attention to. In this study, we applied a qualitative methodology
through the sensemaking approach on managers in mutual business
relationship dyads. The research context is Finnish and Russian managers
of internationally operating enterprises. We sought to illustrate how
they make sense of their mutual business relationship and how their
cultural background can affect that understanding. The study is based on
a long-term research project where the researchers aim to explain
sensemaking in small- and medium-sized enterprises in different cultural
contexts. Readers will learn how the sensemaking approach can be used
to capture cultural understanding of business concepts. In addition,
they will learn how to structure the interviews, how to code the data,
and what challenges can arise in interpreting the data.

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