Äntligen tacofredag: Om komedi i kyrklig extern kommunikation

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List of Authors: Andreas Häger
Editors: Pål Ketil Botvar, Ann Kristin Gresaker, Olav Hovdelien
Place: Oslo
Publication year: 2019
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Book title: Ingen spøk: En studie av religion og humor
Start page: 257
End page: 274
ISBN: 978-82-02-64617-2
eISBN: 978-82-02-59043-7


This chapter looks at the use of comedic elements in external church
communication and reactions to this use. The main example is a tweet from the
Church of Sweden. Different possible functions of comedy in church communication
are discussed. The most fundamental function of religious comedy is the
establishment of a sense of community among the group who understand the joke.
Some religious comedy clearly requires religious competence. One major reason for
resistance to religious comedy from some Christian circles is that jokes that are too
accessible to the general public fail to serve this purpose of creating community and
drawing a boundary between «us» and «them».


christianity, Comedy (literary), Communication, Humor studies, Lutheran church, religious branding, Twitter

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