Coarse-grained modeling of cell division in 3D: influence of density, medium viscosity, and inter-membrane friction on cell growth and nearest neighbor distribution

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Publikationens författare: Pranav Madhikar, Jan Åström, Jan Westerholm, Björn Baumeier, Mikko Karttunen
Förläggare: Taylor & Francis
Publiceringsår: 2020
Tidskrift: Soft Materials


Considerable experimental and theoretical research has been dedicated to
understanding the connection between the biochemical activity of cells
and their mechanical environment. This is exemplified by the common
structures of developing epithelial cells between various species and
the decay of cell population growth rate over time. We study these two
phenomena in a system of simulated cells with identical mechanical
properties, and growth factors in both epithelial and 3D configurations
embedded in viscous fluid. We demonstrate that the increase in the
density of cellular systems and the consequential crowding of cells by
their neighbors are crucial factors in causing the decay of tissue
growth rate. We also show that tissue structure can be reproduced by a
purely mechanical model with a more faithful treatment of inter-membrane
interactions. Finally, we also show that, assuming all other factors
constant, growth, and final structure depends on inter-membrane and
medium friction coefficients. Of these two, the latter has a stronger
influence on slowing down growth and disrupting structure.


cell division, Coarse-graining, GPU, molecular dynamics

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