Renaissance Man. Essays on literature and culture for Anthony W. Johnson

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Publikationens författare: Tommi Alho, Jason Finch, Roger D. Sell
Redaktörer: Tommi Alho, Jason Finch, Roger D. Sell
Förlagsort: Amsterdam
Publiceringsår: 2019
Förläggare: John benjamins
Seriens namn: FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures
Nummer i serien: 11
ISBN: 9789027204257
eISBN: 9789027262004


Here friends of Anthony W. Johnson honour him as a re-embodiment of the
polymathic artist-scholar figure once observable in Ben Jonson, on whom
he has done some of his most distinctive work. Part I of the book
reflects his strong grounding in English literature and culture of the
seventeenth century, with essays, not only on Ben Jonson, but also on
university drama, on grammar school drama, and on humanist literary
taste. Part II responds to his pioneering flights of
culture-imagological time-travel to other periods, with essays on
riddles through the ages, on Matthew Arnold’s doubts about Homeric
pictorialism, and on anciently comic elements in George Gissing’s urban
fiction. Part III celebrates his importance, both as scholar and artist,
for the present day, with essays extending imagological analysis to the
singer Nick Drake, to the avant-garde Danish poet Morten Søkilde, and
to Sean S. Baker’s film Tangerine, plus a climactic celebration of Johnson’s own performances on solo violin and guitar as augmented by self-recording.


Johnson, Anthony William

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