Personalization Online: Effects of Online Campaigns by Party Leaders on Images of Party Leaders Held by Voters

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Publikationens författare: Tom Carlson, Kim Strandberg, Göran Djupsund
Redaktörer: Ashu M. G. Solo
Förlagsort: Hershey, PA
Publiceringsår: 2019
Förläggare: IGI Global
Moderpublikationens namn: Handbook of Research on Politics in the Computer Age
Seriens namn: Advances in Media, Entertainment, and the Arts
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ISBN: 9781799803775
eISBN: 9781799803782
ISSN: 2475-6814


Research on the increasing importance of party leaders in elections has observed that party leaders maintain
personal websites, blogs, and social networking sites in order to personalize the image of themselves
by mixing personal and professional matters. This chapter examines whether these efforts affect the
party leader character impressions by voters in a positive way. The chapter presents two experiments
that examine the impact of exposure to authentic personal websites and, as a form of social media, blogs of party leaders on voters’ perceptions regarding various traits of party leaders during a Finnish
election campaign. The findings are mixed. The perception of one leader was significantly enhanced by
exposure to his website as well as his blog. Moreover, exposure to the blog by this politician resulted in
an enhanced assessment of his personality traits whereas exposure to his website had positive effect on the
evaluation of his professional traits. In making sense of the findings, web and social media approaches,
and participant expectancies are discussed.


BLOGS -- Political aspects, Experimental research, FINLAND -- Politics & government -- 1981-, party leader effects, Party Leaders, POLITICAL campaigns, Political Communication, political websites, SOCIAL media -- Political aspects


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