Indirect Lipid Transfer Protein Activity Measurements Using Quantification of Glycosphingolipid Production.

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List of Authors: Backman APE, Halin J, Kjellberg MA, Mattjus P.
Editors: Guillaume Drin
Publication year: 2019
Book title: Intracellular Lipid Transport
Title of series: Methods in Molecular Biology
Volume number: 2053
Start page: 105
End page: 114
ISBN: 978-1-4939-9135-8


Here we summarize how glycosphingolipid production can be followed using
metabolic labeling with radiolabeled lipid precursors. No assays are
available yet that directly would address the lipid transfer protein
activity in vivo. Therefore, these approaches can serve as tools to
indirectly study the lipid transfer protein activity in cells, by
monitoring their impact on the glycosphingolipid homeostasis


glycolipid transfer protein, LIPIDS, lipid transfer

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