Cyborgs’ collaborative writing in Virtual Learning Environments

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Publikationens författare: Charlotta Hilli
Redaktörer: Heidi Höglund, Sofia Jusslin, Matilda Ståhl, Anders Westerlund
Förlagsort: Åbo
Publiceringsår: 2019
Förläggare: Åbo Akademis förlag
Moderpublikationens namn: Genom texter och världar. Svenska och litteratur med didaktisk inriktning – festskrift till Ria Heilä-Ylikallio [Through texts and worlds. Swedish and literature education – festschrift for Ria Heilä-Ylikallio]
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Artikelns sista sida, sidnummer: 166
ISBN: 978-951-765-926-0
eISBN: 978-951-765-927-7


In this article, collaborative writing in Virtual Learning Environments is studied
through the cyborg metaphor. The cyborg is a hybrid, it is not online or offline,
it is not human or machine, it is a mixture or a fragment. Technologies are seen
as our partners and we are as much formed by them as they are by us. The cyborg
metaphor is examined through interviews with thirteen Finnish upper secondary
school students. Digital spaces and collaborative writing enhance and disrupt
what students do and how they interact while embedded in complex material
worlds. Online collaborative writing can dissolve and establish boundaries
empowering students to write better texts or restraining student agency. It is
understood as weaving a digital tapestry of new coding practices while living on
the edge of an information explosion where information and identities are fluid.


Cyborg, Technoculture, Virtual Learning Environments

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