Influencer marketing: The impact of disclosing sponsorship compensation justification on sponsored content effectiveness

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Publikationens författare: Carolina Stubb, Anna-Greta Nyström, Jonas Colliander
Förläggare: Emerald Insight
Publiceringsår: 2019
Tidskrift: Journal of Communication Management
Volym: 23
Nummer: 2
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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of a particular
form of sponsorship disclaimer in sponsored content by social media
influencers (SMIs), namely a sponsorship compensation justification
disclosure. A sponsorship compensation justification disclosure explains
why influencers and brands engage in sponsorship collaborations by
providing a normative reason that justifies the existence and
dissemination of sponsored content.


An experimental design was used to compare the effects of a sponsorship
compensation justification disclosure made by either an influencer or
the sponsoring brand, to a simple sponsorship disclosure and a no
disclosure control post, on consumers’ responses to a product-review
video by a YouTube influencer.


The paper offers empirical evidence that sponsorship compensation
justification generates more positive consumer attitudes toward
influencers receiving sponsorship compensation, and increases source and
message credibility, compared to a simple sponsorship disclosure.

Research limitations/implications

The hypotheses were tested on one YouTube video, comprising of a single
product category, one SMI and one social media platform. Further studies
might replicate the experiment on different product categories and on
different social media platforms.

Practical implications

This empirical study can offer brand communication managers and
influencers important information on how to communicate and design
sponsorship disclosures to reach-desired responses from consumers.


The study is the first study to empirically demonstrate the effects of
this particular type of sponsorship disclosure.


advertising, Branding, media, persuasion, Social media


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