Digital advertising as service: introducing contextually embedded selling

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Publikationens författare: Anna-Greta Nyström, Karl-Jacob Mickelsson
Förläggare: Emerald Insight
Publiceringsår: 2019
Tidskrift: Journal of Services Marketing
Volym: 33
Nummer: 4
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Previous research on advertising in digital contexts has emphasized its
persuasive and information processing roles for the customer. This paper
aims to problematize this point of view and argues that the converged
and interactive nature of digital media makes all advertising content
into potential points of engagement in a digital media journey.


The paper is conceptual in nature and applies service logic (SL) and
customer engagement to reconceptualize digital advertising and selling.


The authors present digital advertisements and digital media content as
elements that contribute to a digital media journey, which ideally leads
to a purchase. Advertising content is regarded as a resource used by
consumers in their underlying value-creating processes. Thus, the
digital advertising process is conceptualized as a customer-driven
process of engaging with digital media content, where a purchase is
incorporated in (and naturally follows from) the theme of engagement.

Research limitations/implications

The paper introduces the concept of contextually embedded selling, which
refers to a process where digital advertising content is thematically
congruent with the surrounding editorial content, so that both
contribute to the same consumer journey. Otherwise, consumers experience
a contextual jump – a disconnect in theme, place or time during the
consumer’s process of engagement with the digital content.


The paper contributes to advertising theory on advertising, engagement
and the emerging research on consumer journey design by presenting an
approach based on SL, namely, contextually embedded digital selling.


advertising, engagement, media


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