The Machinery of Legal Aid: A critical comparison, from a public law perspective, of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the Nordic countries

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Publikationens författare: Anna Barlow
Förläggare: Åbo Akademi University Press
Förlagsort: Åbo
Publiceringsår: 2019
Antal sidor: 364
ISBN: 978-951-765-919-2
eISBN: 978-951-765-920-8


Legal aid
is one of the central mechanisms for achieving access to justice, but its
internal workings are little understood. This study extends the range of
legal aid research by applying a public law perspective in considering the
legal basis for legal aid schemes and the internal mechanisms according to
which they operate. By using a
comparative methodology, it highlights the variety and complexity of legal aid
structures in North-West Europe: the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the Nordic countries.

Taking key
aspects of legal aid systems in turn, the research examines decision-making
structures, scope and merits criteria, both for civil legal aid and for
criminal legal aid and public defender schemes, across nine jurisdictions.
Detailed comparison is made between the different schemes, which are evaluated
against each other and against the external benchmark of international human
rights obligations. The study enhances an understanding of how legal aid
works, how well it works and how it could be improved, and concludes with a
suggested framework for further research.


Comparative research, Legal aid, public law


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