Crime linkage as expert evidence–making a case for the Daubert standard

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List of Authors: Tom Pakkanen, Dario Bosco, Pekka Santtila
Editors: Jessica Woodhams, Craig Bennell
Publication year: 2014
Publisher: CRC Press
Book title: Crime Linkage: Theory, Research, and Practice
ISBN: 9781466506756


The increasing portrayal of forensic investigative techniques in the popular media—CSI, for example, has resulted in criminals becoming "forensically aware" and more careful about leaving behind physical evidence at a crime scene. This presents law enforcement with a significant problem: how can they detect serial offenders if they cannot rely on physical forensic evidence? One solution comes from psychology. A growing body of research has amassed in the area of behavioral consistency and the detection of serial offenders. A number of innovations are taking place in the field that have important implications for the practice of crime linkage and its use by police and the courts. Crime Linkage: Theory, Research, and Practice assembles this research and discusses its practical use. The book represents a collaboration of researchers and practitioners from across the globe who are recognized as experts in the area of behavioral consistency and detection of serial offenders. They provide a comprehensive and informative text on the psychological and criminological theories underpinning crime linkage, how it is used in practice, the challenges practitioners face, and current innovations that will shape the future of crime linkage research and practice.


crime linkage, Daubert standard

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