Research study about Estonian and Finnish mathematics students’ views about proof

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List of Authors: Antti Viholainen, Madis Lepik, Kirsti Hemmi, Mervi Asikainen, Pekka E. Hirvonen
Editors: Eva Norén, Hanna Palmér, Audrey Cooke
Publication year: 2018
Publisher: Svensk förening för matematikdidaktisk forskning SMDF
Book title: NORMA 17 – Nordic Research in Mathematics Education. The Eighth Nordic Conference on Mathematics Education Stockholm, May 30 - June 2, 2017
Title of series: Skrifter från SMDF
Number in series: 12
Start page: 119
End page: 128
ISBN: 978-91-984024-1-4
ISSN: 1651-3274

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