Sensitivity and Selectivity of Ion-Selective Electrodes Interpreted Using the Nernst-Planck-Poisson Model

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Publikationens författare: Jerzy J. Jasielec, Zekra Mousavi, Kim Granholm, Tomasz Sokalski, Andrzej Lewenstam
Förläggare: ACS Publications
Publiceringsår: 2018
Tidskrift: Analytical Chemistry
Tidskriftsakronym: Anal. Chem.
Volym: 90
Nummer: 15
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eISSN: 1520-6882


The Nernst-Planck-Poisson model is used for modeling the sensitivity and selectivity of ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) with plastic membranes. Two pivotal parameters characterizing ISE response are in focus: sensitivity and selectivity. An interpretation of sensitivity, which considers the concurrent influence of anions and cations on the ISE slope, is presented. The interpretation of selectivity shows the validity and limits of approaches hitherto taken to measure the true (unbiased) selectivity coefficient. The validity of more idealized interpretations by the diffusion-layer model is conceived.

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