Challenges in supporting and assessing bachelor’s theses based on action research in initial teacher education

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Publikationens författare: Rachel Jakhelln, Michaela Pörn
Förläggare: Routledge
Publiceringsår: 2018
Tidskrift: Educational Action Research
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eISSN: 1747-5074


This study explores the
challenges in supporting and assessing action research projects related to
bachelor’s theses for research-based initial teacher education in Norway. The
data consist of two types of texts – the official information about the bachelor’s
thesis from the university and 10 theses where the students complained about
the assessment. The results are considered by using a theoretical framework of
assessment as a process of communication and by applying the concept of
boundary crossing. The results show the lack of communication and tripartite
collaboration among students, practicum teachers and university teachers as
presupposed. Communication and democratic dialogue are crucial elements of
action research, and the findings suggest that the assessment process should
focus on ‘feedforward’ in an open dialogue more than ‘feedback’ through written
texts or marks. Our research findings add to the knowledge on the design of
research-based programmes of study in general and assignments based on action
research in particular.


Action research, assessment, Bachelor's thesis, Initial teacher education, Research-based teacher education, study design

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