Agios Transformers: The Use of Popular Franchises in Orthodox Christian Lambatha Candles

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Publikationens författare: Jakob Löfgren
Publiceringsår: 2018
Tidskrift: Journal of Religion and Popular Culture
Volym: 30
Nummer: 1
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Lambatha” is the Greek word for celebratory candles used during Easter, christenings, and marriage ceremonies. Lambathas are elaborately decorated, often homemade pieces of folk art, but they are also made and sold commercially, either on a handicraft basis or, increasingly, by international toy franchise companies. Lambathas often feature a decorated candle and a small toy for the children. Homemade “franchise-bound” lambathas are readily available on, and toy companies, such as Barbie, Lego, and Marvel, sell pre-packaged candles with a toy feature. This article will showcase how popular culture has been appropriated into Orthodox Christianity by discussing the lambathas as a transgressive object located between the spheres of popular culture and religious practice.

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