Common genetic effects of gender atypical behavior in childhood and sexual orientation in adulthood: a study of Finnish twins

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Publikationens författare: Alanko K, Santtila P, Harlaar M, Witting K, Varjonen M, Jern P, Johansson A, von der Pahlen B, Sandnabba NK
Publiceringsår: 2010
Tidskrift: Archives of Sexual Behavior
Tidskriftsakronym: Arch Sex Behav
Volym: 39
Nummer: 1
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ISSN: 1573-2800


The existence of genetic effects on gender atypical behavior in childhood and sexual orientation in adulthood and the overlap between these effects were studied in a population-based sample of 3,261 Finnish twins aged 33-43 years. The participants completed items on recalled childhood behavior and on same-sex sexual interest and behavior, which were combined into a childhood gender atypical behavior and a sexual orientation variable, respectively. The phenotypic association between the two variables was stronger for men than for women. Quantitative genetic analyses showed that variation in both childhood gender atypical behavior and adult sexual orientation was partly due to genetics, with the rest being explained by nonshared environmental effects. Bivariate analyses suggested that substantial common genetic and modest common nonshared environmental correlations underlie the co-occurrence of the two variables. The results were discussed in light of previous research and possible implications for theories of gender role development and sexual orientation.

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