Online campaigning: an opening for the outsiders? An analysis of Finnish parliamentary candidates' websites in the 2003 election campaign

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Publikationens författare: Kim Strandberg
Förläggare: Sage
Publiceringsår: 2009
Tidskrift: New Media and Society
Tidskriftsakronym: NEW MEDIA SOC
Volym: 11
Nummer: 5
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Antal sidor: 20
ISSN: 1461-4448
eISSN: 1461-7315


This article examines the campaign websites of the 2003 Finnish parliamentary candidates. By examining candidate-level online competition in the candidate-centred Finnish context, individual-level variables are brought to attention in explaining website uptake and how campaign sites are used by candidates in terms of functions and sophistication. The findings show that the distribution of the candidates' web presence was skewed towards an over-representation of major party candidates. Moreover, in predicting candidate website functions and sophistication, belonging to a major party was a strong predictor. Candidate competitiveness and incumbency were also found to be significant predictors. Nevertheless, the findings in the article indicate that the relevance of these political factors may be less significant than other factors, for example genre effects, in explaining candidate website content and presentation.


candidate campaigning, electoral competition, internet politics, political websites

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