On the interaction between cationic polyacrylamide and dissolved and colloidal substances in thermomechanical pulp

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Publikationens författare: Nurmi M, Byskata J, Eklund D
Publiceringsår: 2004
Tidskrift: Paperi ja puu
Tidskriftsakronym: PAP PUU-PAP TIM
Volym: 86
Nummer: 2
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Antal sidor: 4
ISSN: 0031-1243


Cross-flow filters with different pore sizes were used for the fractionation of thermo-mechanical pulp water. The permeates and retentates from each filter were collected and analyzed in order to investigate the separation ability of the filters. The adsorption behavior of cationic polyacrylamide (C-PAM) was investigated in the presence of different fractions and the effect of C-PAM on different parameters was examined.

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