Creation of bioactive glass coating on titanium by local laser irradiation - Part I: Optimization of the processing parameters

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List of Authors: Moritz N, Vedel E, Ylanen H, Jokinen M, Hupa M, Yli-Urpo A
Publication year: 2003
Journal: Key Engineering Materials
Journal acronym: KEY ENG MAT
Volume number: 240-242
Start page: 221
End page: 224
Number of pages: 4
ISSN: 1013-9826


A focused CO2 laser beam was used to create coatings of bioactive glass on titanium substrates. Beam position remained fixed, while a computer-controlled motor stage was utilized to scan the specimens through the beam. Processing was performed in an atmosphere of air or N-2. Processing parameters, such as number of coating layers and laser power, were optimized to produce optimal results in terms of in vitro bioactivity of the coating.


bioactive coatings, CO2 laser

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