A commentary essay on "Resources prospectively: How actors mobilize resources in business settings"

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Publikationens författare: Nystrom AG
Publiceringsår: 2012
Tidskrift: Journal of Business Research
Tidskriftsakronym: J BUS RES
Volym: 65
Nummer: 3
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Antal sidor: 2
ISSN: 0148-2963


This commentary essay explores the topic of mobilizing resources and specifically addresses the article "Resources prospectively: How actors mobilize resources in business settings" (Finch et al., in this issue). This article views access to resources as the foundation for interaction between firms and as mediated via developing business relationships. The article by Finch, Wagner and Hynes adds insights into this particular context by investigating the role of the individual in mobilizing resources and initiating a discussion on how resources are created. (C) 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


Mobilizing, Relationships, Resources, Roles

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