Effects of atmospheric pressure plasma activation on inkjet print quality

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List of Authors: Pykönen M, Hakola L, Eiroma K, Lahti J, Sundqvist H, Kaukoniemi OV, Tuominen M, Järnström J, Peltonen J, Fardim P, Toivakka M
Publisher: Society for Imaging Science and Technology
Publication year: 2007
Journal: NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference
Book title: NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference, 2007 International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies
Start page: 404
End page: 409
Number of pages: 6
ISSN: 2169-4451


The treatments oxidized the surface of the substrates increasing the base and the polar components of the surface energy. The conventional corona treatment gave higher surface energy and oxidation level than the nitrogen and helium plasma activations. The laboratory scale plasma activation was the most efficient one, because of the longest treatment time. Inkjet print quality of PE film clearly improved due to treatments. On the contrary, print quality of PP film worsened. Treatments for the paper substrates lead to relatively small changes.

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