Optimization of Blast Furnace Operation Under Top Gas Recycling

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List of Authors: Helle H, Helle M, Pettersson F, Saxen H
Publication year: 2009
Book title: The 5th International Congress on the Science and Technology of Ironmaking
Journal acronym: J IRON STEEL RES INT
Start page: 613
End page: 618
Number of pages: 6


Primary steelmaking is among the most energy intensive industrial processes in the world and since it is coal-based it substantially contributes to the global fossil CO(2) emissions. It is therefore important to study ways of suppressing the coke rate and the rate of emissions, e.g., by recycling CO(2) stripped blast furnace top gas. The paper analyzes top gas recycling strategies by minimizing the costs of liquid steel production in the steel plant. The effect of CO(2) emissions and stripping price on the states is also studied.

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