Revisiting an agar-based plate method: What the static biofilm method can offer for biofilm research

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List of Authors: Terhi Oja, Brianna Blomqvist, Kelli Buckingham-Meyer, Darla Goeres, Pia Vuorela, Adyary Fallarero
Publisher: ELSEVIER BV
Publication year: 2014
Journal: Journal of Microbiological Methods
Volume number: 107
Start page: 157
End page: 160
eISSN: 1872-8359


The development of biofilms in static plates was monitored. Glass coupons were placed on agar covered with filter paper, which was inoculated with suspended bacteria. The viable cell density, biofilms matrix and biomass were quantified. The method is excellent for adhesion and material studies, due to its simplicity and flexibility.

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