Manhood and the Making of the Military: Conscription, Military Service and Masculinity in Finland, 1917-39

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Publikationens författare: Anders Ahlbäck
Förlagsort: Farnham, Burlington
Publiceringsår: 2014
Förläggare: Ashgate
ISBN: 9781409457497
eISBN: 9781472407481


The creation of Finland's national conscription army in the wake of its independence from Russia in 1917 aroused intense but conflicting emotions. This book examines the struggles of a new army to find popular acceptance and support, and explores the ways that images of manhood were used in the controversies. Ahlbäck places the situation of interwar Finland within a broad European context to reveal the conflicts surrounding compulsory military service and the impact of the Great War on masculinities and constructions of gender.


active citizenship, civic education, comradeship, conscription, counter-images, experience, hero myths, homosociality, male body, masculinity, memory, military service, military training, narratives, war commemoration

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