A Tale of Two Sites: The Planning and Development on Two Adjacent Sites in Palosaari, Vaasa, Finland

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List of Authors: Peter Ehrström
Editors: Mikko Mälkki, Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé
Place: Espoo
Publication year: 2010
Publisher: Aalto University School of Science and Technology
Book title: Integrating Aims – Built Heritage in Social and Economic Development
Title of series: Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Publications
Number in series: B98
Start page: 269
End page: 288
ISBN: 978-952-60-3283-2
eISBN: 978-952-60-3284-9
ISSN: 1455-7797


This paper focus on built heritage in social and economic development by studying two close-knit sites within the district Palosaari in Vaasa, Finland. Namely the former Vaasan Puuvilla (Wasa Bomull) industrial site and the adjacent former park Wolffin puisto (Wolffska parken). These sites are historically connected and geographically close, but have experienced very different outcomes of the planning process.


Built heritage, planning, Redevelopment, Restructuring

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