Born Globals in Interactive Branding Environment: A Case of the BonAlive

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Publikationens författare: Nikolina Koporcic
Redaktörer: Klara Cermakova, Jiri Rotschedl
Förlagsort: Lisbon, Portugal
Publiceringsår: 2016
Förläggare: International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences
Moderpublikationens namn: Proceedings of the 3rd Business & Management Conference, Lisbon
ISBN: 978-80-87927-22-9


Interactive Branding (I-Branding) environment consists of business network environments in which companies cooperate with each other through mutual interactions that are based on three dimensions: internal, external and mutual branding dimension. I-Branding as an activity is therefore presented as a business strategy through which a company is positioning itself in a local and foreign network of business relationships. Internationalization provides a new lens for this process, in which different networks of large distances are all interconnected through interactions of three branding dimensions.
Born global companies are small companies with early and rapid internationalization, which are successfully implementing their strategies and fighting for a favourable position in foreign networks. In order to discover challenges and opportunities of becoming successful so rapidly, a family owned company in the pharmaceutical industry is followed over the years. Based on case findings, the paper suggests managerial implications for start-ups and born global companies, together with some direction for a future theoretical and empirical research.


B2B, Born Globals, Business Networks, Interactive Branding, Internationalization

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